5 things I LOVE about PERSIANS

I already told you why I became so interested in the Persian cosmos and why I am so in love with the country of Iran.

Now I will share 5 things with you that I love about Persians.

First let me say it is just my external view. Of course we are all humans so I hope no Non-Persian will feel offended or something.

Because I can only say positive stuff about my Persian Friends.

1) Hospitality and People who love to help

So many Iranians already offered me to sleep in their house during my future staying. So many Iranians helped me to find well-looking photos for this blog.

I only got very positive experiences so far. If you are just a little bit interested in their culture and say even one single word in Persian they will already love you.

2) High Education Level

I already mentioned this in my previous post about the 6 things that I love about Iran.

Persians are for any reasons very often so intelligent! They have good qualifications, learn other languages so fast and just now a lot of worldwide issues.

A few times it has happened that Iranians knew more about the history of my own country than me. 

Also the number of women with high academical backgrounds seemed to be much higher to me than in many other parts of this world.

3) Open and tolerant people

Iranians were always interested to have deep conversations with me. About all sorts of topics. Mostly they were so respectful even if they disagreed.

Also from my view many Iranians are absolutely open to all sort of new ideas. They always want to learn new stuff and like to share about their own experiences perspectives.

That is absolutely impressive!

4) Appreciation of Family

Family is a very important value and part of their culture. Every Iranian I met appreciates their own relatives so much.

I know for an Iranian who is reading this it might sound obvious. But in some other parts of this world including my own country it´s not like that.

Of course we also care about our closest family members. But our families are not that big. And the appreciation of birthdays or spending time together is not the same here.

I really like the Iranian way. For me it seems like it doesn´t matter how hard the life can be. There is always someone you can talk to as an Iranian. And you always get emotional or even financial support.

5) Persian Accent when Iranians speak my mother tongue

There are of course more reasons I like about Persian People. But I just couldn´t skip this part.

Of courese I will also create a seperate post about this issue because there is so much more to say. 

But generelly I can say that I love to listen to Iranians who are learning German. It really sounds cute and unique to my ears.

Let me say that all of the Iranians were very succesful in learning my language. Just the typical Persian accent is always my personal highlight.

One aim of this page is of course to help each other. It doesn´t matter if it is about languages or cultural differences. So in the future I will create more content of these Persian People I really like so much.

All the best to everyone who is reading this!


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