6 things I LOVE about IRAN

My favourite country Iran has so much to offer that it would be even possible to write a book about all the things I adore.
But I did my best and could create a shorter list about what I really can´t  get enough from (according pictures and videos I have seen so far).

In the following I will share you my Top 6 things I LOVE about the beautiful country of IRAN!

Khosh begzare!

1) The lush, green landscape of Gilan

First I thought like most of the people in Europe probably Iran were just composed of desert and dry landscapes without plants and water.

Fortunately I met Iranians who told me the truth and made me researching more about how the nature of Iran really looks like.

The more I researched the more countries and provinces I got to know. Until I finally found one of my favourites. The green one:


I know Mazandaran is green. Golestan as well. But Gilan has surprised me so much more.

Maybe it was the combination of foggy forests, the mountains with astonishing views on the valleys and the beautiful cities.

Masuleh looks like it came out of a farytale. Rasht is so attractive because of its beautiful town hall. Bandar Anzali has amazing lagoons and the coast of the Caspian Sea.

Well and Lahijan is just wow. The „Tea-Capital“ of Iran has its own charm. It will be my favourite spot as soon as I visit Gilan for the first time.

I can´t wait to take a photo from Sheytan Koh (Satans Hills) above the city.

2) The Architecture of Esfehan

In Iran the people say „Esfehan is half of the world“. Without ever standing on the beautiful Imam-Square I can already imagine why it is.

Esfehan is amazing. The Meydan, Ali Ghapoo Palace all this beautiful Mosques. Of course there is the Zayandeh Rood with it´s beautiful bridges like Si-o-se-Pol or Khajoo-Pol.

The Vank Cathedral or Abbasi-Hotel. There is so much more.

It get´s even better when it is night. During night the lights of the lamps make this sights so much more stunning. So much more mysterious.

It just reminds me on Aladin that I loved to watch during my childhood.

Esfehan is perfection to me. And even among all these beautiful cities of Iran Esfehan is able to shine with it´s unique and incomparable architecture.

3) Dramatical Persian Music

Yes I love Persian Music. I listen to it every day. In the morning after eating my breakfast. In the afternoon during my workout. Even in the night before I go to sleep.

And yes I like it dramatically.

The majority of the content is only understandable for me after I checked the lyrics. For now I can say that the difference between the spoken Persian and the Persian I found in songs is very big. Of course depending on the interprete.

Sometimes the exact meaning of the song seems to be a little bit too exaggerated. But I love the vibes and rhythm though.

I will create an own post about my favourite interpretes and songs later. But for now I can say that I listen to a wide range from old, sonati (traditional) songs to very new tracks.

4) Sunsets at the Persian Gulf

What can I say. I´ve been to Abu Dhabi and Dubai so far. This way I could already watch the extraordinary sunsets of the southern Persian Gulf.

I really CAN`T wait to do the same on the iranian site. For me it doesn´t matter if it will be in Kish, Hormoz-Island or Gheshm.

The colours of the sun that are reflected on the surface of the warm water of the Persian Gulf will make me feel like I were in Paradise. 

Photo by ali barzegarahmadi on Unsplash

5) Two big deserts

Dasht-e Lut and Dasht-e Kawir are my number 5.


Well I just love the desert. The sand-dunes as well as the sunsets. The starless skies in the night. The beautiful rocks.

Everything is since my childhood so fascinating. Honestly I can´t say yet which of these both is better or more interesting to visit.

But I can definitely promise that I will visit both.

I can already imagine how hot it will be even if it´s not in July or August. But I am so convinced that it will be an amazing experience as well!

Photo by Alireza Afkar on Unsplash

6) People who are eager to learn and love to help!

I experienced in some other countries I visited so far that the people were just interested in me because of my wallet. I can understand that if you visit 3rd world countries as a white european man that you are a popular goal. Unfortunately many people changed their „friendly“ smile so abruptly after I made clear not to buy something.

But from all I heard it´s different in Iran. And I already experienced it.

So many Iranians offered me help. With my blog, with my future plans to visit Iran. And of course with learning the language.

Herewith I also wanna say thank you to all of you because you even made this project possible!

But back to this post:

What I also find so interesting about Iranians is their dedication to high level education. I met so many people of this country and their general knowledge as well as motivation to learn new stuff is always so high. That impressed me a lot!

Now you know 6 reasons why I really can´t wait to visit this beautiful country.

As soon as the Covid-Situation has become better I will do everything possible to travel to IRAN. There is no doubt about it.


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