Who am I ?

Hi my name is Jan,

I am a 25 years old guy from Germany! 

I started this project because I am passionate about the Persian culture and language.

Since my childhood I am fascinated by oriental music, the colours of the deserts and the mysticism. When I was younger I loved watching Sindbad or Aladin. As a teenager I read so many books about Islam and the oriental cultures.

Although I am interested in travelling to more than one country my heart definitely belongs to the Persian world. 

         خوش آمدید

I want to provide a platform that we all can learn and grow from.

Learning is a never ending story. And this is not only valid for the further hard time I will have with Persian Vocabulary …

My goal is to bring at least two cultures together. I want to show all of you that besides of all the prejudices we are all ONE! 

It doesn´t matter if you are Iranian or German. It doesn´t matter if your nationality is any other.


The aim of this project is to learn from each other, laugh and talk together and extend our views on this beautiful planet.

For those of you who speak German I will provide an interesting blog about Iran, Persian language and other countries of Central Asia.

For those who speak Persian I will give an option of  intercultural exchange. I will share my passion about the Persian cosmos, give you information about my country and try to build up a community of people who have the same goals in common.

I´m convinced that there is always something new to learn. We are all able to create something big!

I hope that I will see every single one of you as often as possible on this site as well as on my social media accounts.


„Mighty is the one who has knowledge“                                                                                                                    (Ferdosi, Persian Poet)