Four prejudices that Germans have against Iran (NOT ALL of course!!!)

In the following I will show you 4 prejudices that many Germans have against Iran.

First let me say: 
It´s just my personal observation. Of course there are many Germans who have a very good and mature view on this issue. The number of people from my country who were traveling to Iran were also increasing (until the Pandemic started).

So take it easy and have a lot of fun while reading about 4 very common misconceptions 🙂 

1)The whole country is only covered by desert

From all the prejudices this one is probably the least wrong one. Big parts of Iran are indeed very dry and barren landscapes but everyone who read my German Blog already knows:

That´t not 100% true!

I have to admit when I was let´s say 12 or 13 years old I also thought this. 

But of course if you start researching just for a little while, you will come to the conclusion very soon, that there are much more parts of Iran which are totally the opposite.

Gilan, Mazandaran or Golestan are as green as landscapes in Northern Europe or Canada.

In Northern Iran there are parts within the mountains where people can ski.

And in Gheshm you can watch dolphins why being in beautiful mangroves.

It is so sad that this amazing impressions are not very known in my country and the western world in general.

2)Iran is (not) an arabic country

When I was texting with my iranian friends (with persian letters) I heard some comments from my german friends like:
„Wow I didn´t know you were able to write in Arabic“.

Also some people are putting Iran in the same category as Egypt, Joran or Syria. 

But NO of course Iran is NOT Arabic!

Of course there is an arabic minority in some parts of the country. And also some parts of the history of this country are characterized by arabic influences.

But the language and the main identitiy is PERSIAN!

I personally think it is also about the similar name to the country „Iraq“.

There are some people here who are not really aware of the difference between them both.

Unfortunately most of them are associating still the Iraq-war.

To increase this misconception they are just mixing them. Of course that leads to a negative reputation of Iran to many people in the western world.

3) Iran is a dangerous country

If I tell anybody from my social circle that I wanna travel to Iran as soon as possible I get a mainly negative reaction.

The fact is that many people in my country are afraid of Iran.

First in the media we only watch bad news about Iran. Second as you can see in prejudice number 2: Many people just don´t have a lot of information. They compare Iran with countries like Afghanistan or Syria.

But Iran is one of the safest places in the entire Middle East. That’s for sure.

4) Iran were a third world country

Many people wouldn´t believe that you can find the biggest mall in the world in Tehran.

They would also be very surprised that you can eat dinner at the platform of Borj-e-Milad.

If you tell them that Kish has hotels that are comparable with the ones in Dubai they will finally think you were just lying.

There is no need to say that this misconception is of course not correct. But I met many people who would more likely think about war or poverty instead of luxury or modern architecture.

Maybe the best idea would just be to travel to Iran and get an absolute new perspective on how the country really is!

To defend the people of my country let me say that this is of course a little bit exagerated and also meant in a funny way. Of course not all of the Germans are like this. 

Furthermore many misconceptions are just based on negative news in media or social media.

I hope you liked this post and could get some impressions on how some people might think about Iran.

Soon I will write about the opposite. How Iranians think about my country based on the experiences I got so far.


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