How I became interested in Persian Language and Culture …

Hi my name is Jan and I am a 25 years old German guy. I started this blog because I am passionate about the Persian culture and language.
Since my childhood I am fascinated by the oriental music, the colours of the deserts and the mystic culture. Although I am interested in travelling to more than one country my heart definitely belongs to the Persian world. But what is so special for me about Iran and Farsi?

„I was so wrong …“

I was alway interested in the mysticism of the oriental world. As a child I watched Sindbad or Aladin. As a teenager I read many books about Islam and the oriental cultures..

I traveled to many countries in North Africa and the Middle East that even increased my passion about this cosmos.

!!! Believe it or not but so far I haven´t been to Iran. It´s my biggest dream. Whenever I tried there were some circumstances that hold me back. As soon as the pandemic is over I will be the first person who enters the next airplane to Tehran. !!!

But back to my story …

During my journeys and my voluntary work, which I also had in the context of traveling, I got the opportunity to meet and talk to so many people from oriental countries. So after a while I could learn the differences between the differeent ethnic groups and cultures. 

But to my surprise: whenever I spoke with an Iranian, his or her story was exactly the opposite of what I read in the news or the internet. I also thought first that Iran would be a dangerous country. But Iranians were mostly different. 

Of course it is not my aim to say that some people are better than other but I was so amazed whenever I spoke with Iranian people.

It seemed to me that education is there much more important than in other countries of this region. Many Iranians also had such an friendly and open view on the world we live in. Also they told me totally new stuff about the landscapes of  their country.

I used to have the imagination that Iran where a country that is ony composed of dry valleys and deserts.

I was so wrong … 

Photo by mostafa meraji on Unsplash

„Arash and Armin2Afm“

The green forests in Gilan or Mazandaran. The mountains in the north where it is even possible to ski. The mangroves in Qeshm. All of this was so new and unbelievable to me. But it has made me much more interested in the country.

I read a lot of books about Iran and after a while I came to the Persian Language of course.

First I was so surprised that the language sounds so cute and smooth. Even though I also like the sound of Arabic (at least in songs) I have to admit that it sounds a bit harsh to me. 

But Persian is different.

It sounds very elegant. It doesn´t matter whether it´s sung or spoken. It always goes directly to my heart.

So additionally I also started listening to Persian Music. The first persian singers in my life I got in contact with were Arash and Armin2 Afm. The songs of Arash are also popular in Europe. And Armin well … I was very into HipHop when I was younger.

But of course I was not able to understand even one single word.

So I started to learn the Persian Language. I decided just to learn the spoken Persian. I found it very interesting. But unfortunately I had some problems in High School during this time. Also the fact that Persian didn´t seem that useful to me (in comparison with English, French or Spanish). made me giving up.

I started a second try. This time with the alphabet. The end of the story was: I gave up again because I found it too hard.

I didn´t lose my interest in the Persian worold!

I was still talking with Iranians via internet (in English). I listened to Iranian music and I was watching so many travel videos on YouTube about Iran.

Then I gave it another try because a friend of mine also started learning a foreign language (Not Persian in his case). He became fluent so quickly. That impressed me so much and I started again with the determination not to give up again:

So I learned the Alphabet by myself again. Watched Videos. Made flash cards for the vocabulary. And I booked online lessons.

So after 6 months of practicing I can say that I am able to have conversations in Persian. Not in a high level. Of course with many mistakes.

But now I am ready to go to Iran and apply what I learned!

„Light at the end of the tunnel“

Meanwhile Persian has become an important part of my life.

I only listen to Persian language and music. When I am driving. When I am in the train. Even when I am doing my workout.

I check the weather in Tehran or Shiraz even before I look for the temperature in my town.

There is no day without chatting or sending Audio-Messages to one of my Persian Friends. In Persian of course!

I even started thinking in Persian. Once it almost happened that I greeted my Boss with „Salam“.

There are so many more things I can say about Iran, the Persian People and my new passion. But it´s my plan to write more articles here in my blog.

There is still so much to learn for me … but I already can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Someday I will be fluent in Persian I have no doubt about it. Until this moment will become true I want to gain so many new experiences. 

And I hope that I also can bring the same amount of joy an help back to my Persian friends as I recieved so far.

Even in a short period of time.


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